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Hostel Daze: A trip down memory lane to the bittersweet memories of your hostel life!

If there’s something TVF does the best among all other OTT platforms, it is creating shows in the rawest and most authentic manner possible. From Kota Factory, Aspirants, Pitchers to Hostel Daze, TVF has sought its niche over the years and stands firm in the web series industry. They know how to play with human emotions and make series that hit right into the softest corner of our hearts filled with a dash of humour. The latest season of Hostel Daze too dives deep into the reality of hostels that might not be appealing from the outside in terms of grandeur and lavish corridors with students entering all dressed up like in student of the year. Still, when you get inside it, there’s no place better and no other companion who would comfort you like your hostel mates.

With comedy soaked in nostalgia, TVF released the much-awaited second season of Hostel Daze on Amazon Prime Video on July 23. Ankit (Adarsh Gourav), the Dopa of the batch, Chirag (Luv), the shy and over-eager kid and Rupesh Bhati, aka Jaat (Shubham Gaur), who got admission after a big-fat donation from his father, are back in form as they have entered into the second year of college and can get to do all the stuff from ragging, bullying to flirt with girls that they have been unable to do as naive freshies. To be honest, I can actually quote here, ‘Been there, done that,’ true, right? That feeling of becoming seniors after the first year of bowing down to your seniors is inexplicable. You finally discover that newfound freedom after leaving home and are now set free from the restrictions of seniors too. What else do you need?

Season 1 introduced Ankit, Chirag and Rupesh as freshers in the engineering college that unexpectedly begins as a series of ragging lead by the most exciting character of the show Jatin (Nikil Vijay), aka Jhantoo, who has been in college for a very long time now. We saw Ankit’s story from facing an identity crisis, late-night chats with his crush Akansha (Ahsaas Channa) only to find out Jhantoo had duped him to becoming Dopa of the batch. Joining clubs to become popular, beating on birthdays aka GPL, cramming up the entire syllabus the night before the end semester exams, the first season of Hostel Daze did take us to adventurous times of our engineering days.

But, now they are in the second year, seniors for the freshman of the college and nobody could stop from ragging them except for DISCO, the disciplinary committee that has set in college to ban ragging, interesting enough? Wait, here’s the punch, what happens when the student chief of the committee, Chirag, gets expelled from it? Well, not going into the deeper details would keep up with the suspense here. Maybe it is because “Iss baar batch hi bekaar aaya hai”, says every senior ever. The first episode also takes us through the other side of the girl’s hostel, where you won’t find cute, timid girls doing catfights, but rather the ones who can bully the guys too. The second episode unveils the ‘Love Square’ with Jhantoo and Jaat at its two corners try to impress the girl. Let’s see who gets who.

“Patane vala handshake 3-second ka hota hai, na friendzone jaisa chota aur na hi 4-second jaisa creepy.”

-Jhantoo on how to impress a girl 101

The third episode chronicles the incomplete-to-be love affair between Ankit and Akanasha that left off from season one and how Ankit struggles to show himself as a neat and clean person in order to impress Akansha because guys believe all girls are inherently clean-liking OCD kind of creatures. Strange much! The fourth and final episode is so heartwarming that it will make you laugh and cry at the same time. When we are in school, our home is everything we have, and our world revolves around our family, but as soon as we step outside of our home with mixed feelings of fear and excitement, our heart searches for comfort. And, we realize the importance of this home away from home, only when we leave it. That’s what the episode ‘Ghar Vapsi’ is all about. Maybe that’s why you can leave the hostel, but once you have lived there, it won’t leave you. The memories always linger on.

“Hostel ek aisi cute girlfriend ki tarah hai jo na complaining hai na hi demanding, aur roz kuch naya sikhati bhi hai.”

-Hostel Warden

Every character’s performance seems as if the role had been written for that particular actor only, and no one else could have done it better. Be it Akansha’s witty attitude, Dopa’s innocence, over-enthusiastic Chirag or Bhati’s Haryanvi style as Jaat, each of them shines individually. No wonder, star of this season also remains Nikhil Vijay as Jhantoo. His performance seems the most effortless of all but it takes a real actor to fit in the role so perfectly. The number of episodes could have been increased as four-episode of thirty minutes each seem too short for the trip down the memory lane of hostel life and might upset the fans.

If you’re looking out to watch a fun-filled, relatable series, this one is a binge-watch for sure. A light-hearted comedy that won’t take much of your time!

Rating: 4.5/5 Genre: Comedy|Drama

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