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Should You Be Watching Netflix’s Never Have I Ever Season 2?

The Teenage Rom-Com Series of the Indian Girl in the middle of fellow American students navigating herself through the middle of her own blunders is up with the new edition. Could it get any more exciting?

The Netflix original series “Never Have I Ever Season” is renewed for a new season after almost a year. Despite a plethora of TV series about the high school kids across the OTT platforms, there is something beautiful about the tale of our dearest lead character Devi Vishwakumar (Maitriyi ), a fifteen-year-old teen at Sherman Oaks. Her story is not a bed of roses or waking up into a grandeur sipping wine with everything falling right into the place, but rather a series of goof-ups and stupid decisions while dealing with the existential crisis, just like all of us.

Narrated by sports icon John McEnroe, her late father’s favorite tennis player, Never Have I Ever is created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher. To be honest, we all have made silly mistakes in high school, and so did Devi. Every teenager would relate to Devi on different levels. But, no matter what she does, you would find her relatable and hilarious. Haters might call her a narcissist, but only the true fans know the turmoil of pain she had gone through before. We saw her trying to get over her father’s demise in the last season and juggling between her feelings along with numerous confusions falling into her way.

Being the only Indian-American girl in her school, Devi had always faced it challenging to justify her identity as an individual and upgrade her social status to ‘fit in’ among her fellow mates. Well, it goes pretty same for every other teenager out there brutally hit by puberty, isn’t it? Still, we all have a few friends who always have our back in any situation we may catch ourselves in.

Devi, too has her two best friends, Eleanor (Ramona Young) and Fabiola (Lee Rodriguez), backing her up, motivating her in the best ways possible.
The Asian better half of Devi, Eleanor, is a theatre kid and a darling at heart. Fabiola is still living under the closet but trusts her best friends (that essentially includes her robot) to the core. While Devi perpetually decides to Devi’ied (read fuck ups) ups her problems, Eleanor and Fabiola push her on the right way.

Season one of Never Have I Ever ended on a curious yet remarkable note for us, with Devi kissing her so-called rival Ben aka Benjamin Gross (Jaren Lewison) and meanwhile Paxton Hall-Yoshida (Darren Barnet), Devi’s high school crush leaving a message at her door to reconcile after he acted like a douchebag. While Devi’s chance to date her high school crush was at the hang, her mother, Nalini (Poorna Jagannathan), had other plans and wants to move back to India, aspiring to get her family’s support.

Season one was left at a cliffhanger note, leaving several unanswered questions for the Never Have I Ever Fans. Did Devi finally manage to get what she wanted? What if she moves to India? Season 2 is packed with many such surprises, including Gigi Hadid being the narrator for one of the interesting characters in the show!

When scientists declare your face to be perfectly symmetrical, that’s all everyone thinks you have to offer the world. We’re both constantly underestimated because people only see us as sex symbols.

-Gigi Hadid, while narrating a character’s story

Season 2 opens up with Devi having the best of all possible worlds; on the one hand, she has a proposal from Ben to become his girlfriend, and on the other, the hot guy Paxton also wants to work out things with Devi after their first canoodle at Ben’s party in Season 1. But wait, Who would she choose? Ben or Paxton? That’s another story, and we definitely won’t spoil it for you. While Devi still struggles with her choices that often lead to disappointing her friends and family, Nalini visits her native place in India to find a house for her and Devi ahead of their permanent moving back.

Unlike Season 1 that majorly revolved around Devi, Season 2 does justice to others’ stories as well and gives a much-required space to the supporting actors. It explores the subplots involving other pivotal characters like Kamala (Richa Moorjani), Devi’s cousin, Paxton and her mishaps with academia, Eleanor and Fabiola, who struggle with their newfound relationships while adjusting themselves according to their respective partners.

Everyone thinks Asian women will take all kinds of crap like a bow or hand them a cup of tea. You can’t let them.

-Devi says to Kamala on sexism in all her rage.

The series does start slow but picks up midway after the fourth episode. No wonder, Character building is the strength of the new season but sway away from making a point in a few parts. There are some recurring parts in the new season you might see on and off while scrolling your phone. But quite a few things would still grab your attention.

A few new characters are introduced in the latest edition, which brings added delight- Aneesa, a new transfer student at Sherman Oaks, Dr Christian Jackson, Nalini’s colleague, and a special mention include Devi’s grandmother.

With Aneesa’s entry, Devi finally gets another Indian classmate, and Nalini is overjoyed because why not? According to her, two Indians in a class must become best friends, and so do Devi and Aneesa.

Being a comedy series, the creators have still managed to focus on issues of racism, sexism at workplaces, mental health, remarks on the queer community and parenthood in nuanced ways, which is worth applauding. Nonetheless, the banter of the Indian mother-daughter duo, Nalini and Devi, constitutes the most fun part of the series.

Devi, you feel a lot, which means sometimes you’re going to hurt a lot. But it also means that you’re going to live a life, that is emotionally rich and really beautiful.

-Dr. Jamie Ryan, Devi’s Therapist

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