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Is Netflix’s Gone for Good Interesting Enough to Watch?

Netflix’s new thriller mystery mini-series is based on Harlan Coben’s book with the same name. The series runs into an intense plot and the mystery is deep-rooted. The story is about the sudden string of disappearances and it is sure to keep you sitting tight on your chair.

The series is set by the beautiful coast in Nice, France. Moving from a decade to another the series is linked through storylines and families. Gone for Good resolves in 2010 and also in the present day, unravelling the inferences and long-lived effects of a double homicide. Gone For Good begins with a funeral held for Guillaume’s (Finnegan Oldfield) mother and the sudden vanishing of his long-term beau, Judith Conti (Nailia Harzoune).

The story revolves around Guillaume. He’s a 30-around social worker who lost two of his loved ones. One being his brother along with his ex-girlfriend about a decade ago. The story then moves forward through its searching of each of the character’s past life, with each episode dedicated to an individual (not to confuse the viewers). Harlan Coben keeps up the story with one of the best quotes from him, it goes like…

“Before we go forward, we have to look back.”

Coming back to the story, it takes place in-between as it begins with Guillaume and concludes with his brother, Fred (Nicolas Duvauchelle). Each of the five episodes successfully balances between the present and the past, proving how the small decisions led to murders and ended up everyone in this strange present situation.

Guillaume along with Inès (Garance Marillier, the sister of his ex) and the social care manager Daco (played by Guillaume Gouix), tries to find his girlfriend, revealing the mysteries from her and also from his family’s past. The series revolves around these secrets and each episode starts and ends with a mystery of its own. Sometimes, you might even find the series confusing but it’s just the maker’s way to deliver another unexpected twist.

Another good thing about Gone for good is that the cast including Nailia, Nicolas, Gouix, and Inès get their own episodes to take on the spotlight. But Nicolas and Nailia steal the show amongst all the episodes.

The series originally starts with the second episode. The first episode sets the tone of the show and the next one reveals more plots and twists to make the story darker and stranger. As we gradually find out about the secrets of different characters.

The series is just like a very classic Harlan Coben story, featuring crime, plots, and mysteries from the past that must come up. All the characters also have some past or evolution in ways that we might never think of.

One noticeable thing in Gone for Good is that most of the characters in the series are linked to each other with stress and damage that they can connect with one another. Guillaume and Inès have to stress on and grieve about, which in a way helps both of them to bond in different scenes carried over by trauma.

“I can’t bear this pain anymore. It’s time to turn that page over.”

Though, Gone for Good fails to create a base to find out the theme and mysteries. It is quite difficult to create a perception about a character as one twist can completely change the same. The creators smartly utilize the given time to move the story ahead that keeps changing till the very final moments of the series.

However, Netflix’s Gone for Good is surely entertaining, connected to a story muddled-up with unexpected plots. The story is majorly mysterious, though there are some romantic scenes that may look forced and unnecessary. Overall, it is full of thrills and chills that are needed to keep you intact through the five episodes. A short season like this is perfect as it concludes the story in one go and the audience doesn’t have to wait for another season to finalize the story.

It also has some nail-biting moments where you will just want to know the truth but undeniably there are some dull scenes as well. Gone for Good prove to be an amazing short series that is full of mysteries and suspense. It is very interesting to find about Judith gradually as Guillaume tried to look out the information regarding her past. However, Judith’s disappearance isn’t as simple as she leaving Guillaume and it is very entertaining to watch. Netflix surely knows how to give justice to a story and the production also proves to be outstanding.

Undeniably, with Gone for Good, the makers tried to create a beautiful adaptation of Harlan Coben’s book, moving between decades without confusing the viewers. Overall, the series is a decent watch for thriller-mystery lovers out there, and just the five episodes full of suspense and mystery will surely force you to binge-watch it all together.

Genre: Thriller-mystery

Rating: 4/5

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