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Flesh: This Eros Original Series Is An Unsettling And Uncomfortable Portrayal Of The Trafficking World.

Crime, Action, Drama, Thriller.

The current pandemic situation has witnessed a massive surge in OTT platforms with an increased number of web series across various platforms, especially in the Thriller and crime genre. Flesh, an Eros original web series, crosses every boundary in the mentioned genre and showcases extreme gruesome violence levels and should definitely come with a trigger warning along with it.

Flesh, as the name suggests, talks about the human body treated not less than a piece of meat in the world of human trafficking. The series, starring Swara Bhaskar in its lead role, will remind you of earlier female protagonist films of a similar plot. Directed by Danish Aslam, Flesh reflects and peeps into the dark world of crime but misses various aspects of reality. It fails to create empathy but rather intensifies the entire story.

The Opening scene witnesses Inspector Radha(Swara Bhaskar), the head of the anti-trafficking department seen in disguise in a hotel room who fights all odds to punish the criminals who belong to the human trafficking industry. Zoya(Mahima Makwana), a 16-year-old daughter of Shekhar(Yudhishtir Urs ) and Reba (Vidya Malvade), a complicated couple, is abducted from a marriage party being the latest target of the human trafficking group. On the other hand, the series shows a group of children kidnapped and kept inside an empty building, but the main focus comes around the mighty Rajji and her Rajat, her small brother who tries possible ways to go out of this dirty bog. 

The story takes a continuous shift between Mumbai and Kolkata simultaneously in various instances. You soon discover the two parallel stories running, both adding to the different time periods, but the violence and human trafficking issue remain the same.

Shuvo(Uday Tikekar), the wealthy, well-known businessman of Kolkata, is behind these human trafficking and Taj(Akshay Oberoi), helping him execute it smoothy leaving no trace behind. The events take a drastic turn as both stories are interlinked and shocking facts are uncovered, especially for inspector Radha.

The cast is excellent as it has some great performances in it. Swara Bhaskar shines as a cop in the entire series with her bold and unapologetic attitude. Mahima Makwana, Vidya Malvade and Natasha Stanvoic’s (cameo role) performance are commendable as each woman nails their roles in the series. Akshay Oberoi, as Taj, is a treat to watch with his extraordinary performance as a rich spoilt bisexual character. 

This eight episodic series focuses on what it tries to show- the ruthless world for little children and women in this gore field. The show’s makers keep the suspense intact in every episode wanting us to watch the next to know more. Flesh makes you uncomfortable throughout the beginning but as the end of the series arrives, it turns into a more melodramatic aspect, diverting the main topic.

Unless you enjoy dark shows, this one can make you anxious about the level of violence shown. The series crafts and directly points out how difficult it is to identify who’s right and trustworthy in today’s world. Despite its extreme level of violence and unimaginable scenes, Flesh shows you a part of the society like a mirror, which is worth praising. Still, you’ve heard that “too many cooks spoil the broth,” and that’s precisely what happened with Aslam’s web series Flesh. 

Our Rating : 3/5

Imdb Rating : 6.2/10

Directed By: Danish Aslam

Cast : Swara Bhaskar, Mahima Makwana, Akshay Oberoi, vidya Malvade

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