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web Series bhaukaal

BHAUKAAL: A good attempt for bringing the reality of crimes on screen.

Mini-Series, Crime, Drama, Action

Bhaukaal is a story of a daredevil officer, all set to lower the crime rates in the considered crime capital of India- Mazzafarnagar, Uttar Pradesh. Produced by Applause Entertainment, this MX Player series is based on true events and is inspired from the life of IPS Officer Navniet Sekera set during 2003. The series offers a Bhaukaal like experience as the cop-criminal gang fights gets uglier with time in the town.

The makers of the show don’t promise high-class actions or big revelations.The story is quite simple and even predictable in the world of cop drama. Mohit Raina, the popular face behind “MAHADEV” in the television industry and as an officer in “Uri-the Surgical Strike”, plays the lead role in Bhaukaal and can be considered as one of the good reasons to binge-watch the series.

The city is led by two popular gangs- the Shuakeen Gang in the east and the west is ruled by Dedha brothers where nobody dares to speak a word against them, not even officers in uniforms who are responsible to wipe out the criminals and protect the innocent. In such an atmosphere, Naveen Sekhera (Mohit Raina) steps into the place as the SSP, only to realize the terrible condition and decides to take action like a true hero. The cold war between Shaukeen and Sekera turns out hot as soon as Saukeen is targeted personally.In the course of achieving triumph over evil, Naviet Sekhera sacrifices his dear ones but is unstoppable to wash away the crime.

The chiche moments provided one after another during the series cause a reason for boredom but the ending has nerve-chilling actions and the unexpected turn of events, in the end, is a must watch. The scenario that’s portrayed on screen, makes you terrified about the unthinkable situations of the place. The reality behind it is hard-hitting and if you’re addicted to crime thrillers, you can give it a try. Bhaukaal manages to draw a parallel between corruption and sincerity by highlighting the different officers in the same field. The use of cane fields for encounter suits well in the entire picture and the music is good throughout the series, creating a desired effect.

Director Jatin wagle does a good job in bringing into light the real story of an IPS Officer, the deserving and to-be-appreciated true heroes of our country who fight all odds for the safe environment. The series lacks a gripping and compact storyline but manages to linger the hearts of the audience. Mohit Raina’s role is commendable as he depicts different shades as a son, a husband and an officer with much ease and sincerity. Abhimanyu Singh is a perfect keeper and justifies his role at its best. Sunny Hinduja(Farukh Quereshi), SIddhant Kapoor(Chintu Dedha), Ravi Pandey(Iftekar) and Pradeep Nagar(Pintu Dedha) nail their performances and the entire team fits well in the scenario.

The short 10 episodic series is a good watch if you’re into crime and thriller and introduces you to the harsh reality of our country.

Directed By: Jatin Wagle
Cast: Mohit Raina, Abhimanyu Singh, Siddhanth Kapoor
Our Rating: 2.5/5

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