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Atkan Chatkan: This Heartwarming Musical Story Of A Street Boy Is A Decent Watch On Zee 5

Drama, Musical

Music is everywhere around us, and if music finds you, you’re blessed; such is a story of a boy named Guddu. Directed by Shiv Hare, Atkan Chatkan is a heartwarming story about a 12-year-old wandering on streets, keen to follow his music passion. Shiv Hare follows a simplistic approach towards this film’s story and is an emotional ride for every heart who loves such movies.

Atkan Chatkan doesn’t have anything new to offer to the audience as it follows a similar rags-to-riches story. The film is flawed due to its predictable plot like other Indian films, but the portrayal of the entire journey by a fantastic cast and it’s soulful musical tunes produced by AR Rahman is worthy of a watch.

Guddu, who works at a tea stall, can make music with anything around him. While he tries to get in an orchestra band, he is ill-treated and his talent inconsiderable. After a few days, Guddu encounters boys like him on the streets who together decide to form a band to earn a bare living and fulfill their passion. The children make their own instruments from scratch and the tunes produced from it have different magic in it. Soon they get a big opportunity to showcase their talent to the world, but like every drama story, now comes the villain.

A jealous group of kids, a spoilt drunk father, a mysterious music teacher, and a greedy owner become hurdles in their path, but these children pass every barrier to achieve what they dreamt of. The entire journey is described through a book and later connected to these children’s adultery when they’re successful in their own lives.

The film reflects how will and true passion leads you towards your dreams no matter what! Guddu, played by Lydian Nadhaswaram, is a pianist in real life and the story is believed to be partly real, partly fictional. He nails the character of Guddu and perfectly fits in the role. Not only Guddu but the other roles played by Sachin Chaudhary, Tamanna Dipak, Yash Rane as children were brilliant and complimented each other. Taaha Shah Badusha, as Guddu after his successful life, was a treat to the viewers even if it was for a few minutes.

Atkan Chatkan, streaming on Zee 5, is an inspiring film for every person who dreams and loses his belief to achieve it. If you aspire to be someone or achieve something in life, have faith and work hard for it! It will eventually come to you, is what the movie says in a nutshell. This movie can help you regain your confidence and bring you back on track.

Our Rating: 3/5
IMDB Rating: 8.1/10
Directed By: Shiv Hare
Cast : Jagdish Rajpurohit, Yash Rane, Tamanna Dipak, Lydian Nadhaswaram

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