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Aashram: Chapter 2 – The Dark Side: The New Season Dugs Deeper into the Nasty Deeds of Baba Nirala in the Name of Social Welfare.

aashram web series

Aashram: Chapter 2 – The Dark Side: The New Season Dugs Deeper into the Nasty Deeds of Baba Nirala in the Name of Social Welfare.

Crime, Drama

With the massive success of the first season of “Aashram” released in August, the fans had been awaiting its next season. The latest installment of the series premiered on November 11 on MX Player. In the second chapter, director Prakash Jha is back with the darker side of self-proclaimed Godman Baba Nirala (Bobby Deol) from Kashipur and his Aashram disguised as a garb of several malicious activities.

The new season begins from the note it had left of in the last one. It explores the past of Baba and his blind devotees and at the same time portrays his growing lust and greed of wealth. While the first season juggled between several social issues like religious exploitation and casteism, the second season is mainly about two aspects of Baba’s various organised crimes: sexual exploitation of women and drugs fostering in the name of rehabilitation.

The basic premise still follows the tried and tested formula of the first season, connecting politics with religion and faith. It continues to present the evil intentions of Baba and the cruel ways in which he still exploits the trust of his devotees through his power and influence over them to control the state government.

his time, he unites with Pop Star Tinka Singh (Adhyayan Suman) to conduct his so-called ‘Satsang’ to promote respective parties of Hukum Singh (Sachin Shroff) and the current chief minister Sundarlal (Anil Rastogi) for the upcoming elections. Another new dimension to the show is the enchantment of ‘Laddus’ which are apparently Baba ka Aashirwaad.

While a few broken young women of “Aashram”, Kavita (Anurita Jha) and Sanobar (Preeti Sood) speak up for themselves, boldly face confrontation of their past and looks for hope to retaliate in some way, Babita (Tridha Chaudhury) accepts her fate and yields to Baba’s bidding. On the other hand, the strong wrestler Pammi (Aditi Pohankar) works hard to achieve the goal of winning the nationals match, unaware of the unexpected turn of events she is going to face. Towards the end, each one of them comes out to be stronger than before, thus forming the soul of the show.

Also, the doctor, Natasha (Anupriya Goenka), inspectors Ujagar Singh (Darshan Kumaar) and Sadhu (Vikram Kochhar) along with journalist Akki (Rajeev Siddhartha) continues to uncover many elements of Baba Nirala’s dark side. The initial pace of the second season is slow and picks up in later episodes. There is also a lot of repetition of similar scenes which could have been easily avoided. The series could be ended in this season, but the story is left without a concrete end, indicating on the next one. Few flaws might let down some fans who are expecting much more to it.

Nevertheless, the performances of each of the characters is impressive, just like the maiden season. The writers have worked well on their part with providing suitable twists and turns to a somewhat predictive storyline. The diplomacy of Kashipur’s Baba Nirala and the political gameplay turns more exciting and interesting, making it totally binge-worthy!

Our Rating: 3.5/5
Imdb Rating: 7.6/10
Directed By : Prakash Jha
Cast : Bobby Deol, Adhyayan Suman, Anil Rastogi, Anupriya Goenka, Tridha Chaudhury.

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